Green Office Cleaning

Green Office Cleaning

This Eco-friendly approach to cleaning aims to avoid the use of potentially dangerous cleaning methods and chemicals. Hygienx uses methods and products that are not harmful to the environment, or your health. Our devotion to environmental responsibility forms the basis of our green office cleaning services. The products that we use do not have a detrimental impact, and we take time to reduce excess run-off or waste. We use a number of techniques to reduce our impact on our already fragile environment.

Hygienx is committed to keeping your health and environment as clean as possible. We offer a variety of popular eco-friendly cleaning methods for the benefit of your company, employees and customers. Green office cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean you are sacrificing cleanliness standards. Our services allow you to have the best of both world: quality and goal-wise. While we consider it our responsibility as a company to reduce our impact on the environment, we do not allow this goal to reduce the quality of our services. Our team’s only goal is to create a safe, friendly office environment free of harmful chemicals and practices.

Service Overview

We know that cleaning products are not created equally, and choose to use only the best brands in the business. We cannot and do not sacrifice our performance standards in the name of the green cleaning services that we provide. Our company and teams understand that your number one priority is the maintenance of your office, which is why we tailor our services to your company’s needs. Furthermore, we work within your hours, using the products and methods you deem best. Because we want to provide you with the most convenient services possible, we offer after hours and before hours green office cleaning services.

We buy our products in bulk to lessen the amount of waste we produce
We continuously implementing less aggressive cleaning methods, products, and biodegradable products
By properly proportioning our products, we are able to reduce the amount of toxins we release into the environment
We offer environmentally friendly alternatives such as steam cleaning and water-less washing

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